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In a mission to make a difference with the services provided by Iktisatbank, the ATM banking services has taken a big step further with the provision of services to the entire world. Providing customers with the facility to carry out any transactions without the need to visit a branch with the introduction of the Smart ATM in 2003, Iktisatbank’s Alternative Distribution Channel Team has developed the ATM facility and Iktisatbank Smart ATM’s can now accept cards from anywhere in the world.

When making the announcement Iktisatbank’s Alternative Distribution Channel Group Manager İlker Gazi Kördeve stated that every Iktisatbank ATM within the TRNC can now accept any other bank’s Credit or Debit Cards, customers can make cash withdrawals, balance enquiries as well as cash advance withdrawals. To be able to use the services of the Smart ATM all you need is a card with the MasterCard, Visa, Maestro or Electron logo he explained, he went to provide good news that in the coming days many new services will be available to the Cypriot people.

Kördeve in his statement went on to say that with any bank or credit card, transactions can be carried out and for customers of Iktisatbank they can even carry out transactions without a card using the smart ATM. Nowadays time is becoming more and more precious and for those customers who do not have the time to wait in line Iktisatbank ATM can provide uninterrupted service 24 hours a day, with or without a card over 50 transactions can be carried out, depositing money into their own account or the account of any other person is also possible he added.

For those people who have yet to experience the services provided by the Alternative Distribution Channels they can apply to any of the Iktisatbank branches, or with just one click via the website apply for a Debit or Credit Card online.

İktisatbank is remembered as the 1st bank to introduce the 1st local bank Credit Card to the TRNC. With continuous improvements to and introduction of new products, one of which is SmartCard; with 4 different segment users Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Classic. SmartCard is accepted worldwide and the SmartATM24 Debit Card removes the security risk of carrying cash with you.
Published Date : 24.10.2014