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New year magic continued for children
New Year's Gifts Were Given to Our Children

Presents collected during traditional festive İktisatbank Campaign “Christmas is for sharing” were distributed among the kids.

This year campaign had a great response among İktisatbank customers who dropped around 200 presents to the Bank branches. Presents were recently distributed to kids who were recieving treatment in the state hospital of Dr. Burhan Nalbantoğlu, Akçiçek Hospital in Kyrenia and children dormitory named after Barutçuzade Ahmet Vasıf Efendi.

İktisatbank staff members, doctors and nurses expressed their best wishes of health and quick recovery to the kids undergoing hospital treatment.

Çocuklara yeni yıl sürpriziÇocuklara yeni yıl sürprizi Çocuklara yeni yıl sürprizi
Published Date : 04.01.2019