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Letter Of Guarantee for Tradesmen

Corporate Banking Letter of Guarantee Transaction Fees

You can find corporate banking letter of guarantee transaction fees below.

Letter of Guarantee

Type Of Products / Transactions

Interest Rates (%)

Fixed Fee

Commision Rates

Min. Commision Fee

Max. Commision Fee

Cheque-Policy Aval Transactions(Yearly)  4,0%250 TL 
L/G  4,0%250 TL 
Counter-Guarantees (Yearly)  4,0%250 TL 
(In overseas transactions correspondent banks commision will also be charged)     
Temporary Letter of Guarantees Monthly0,5%100 TL 
Definite Letter of Guarantees Yearly6,0%100 TL 
Advance Letter of Guarantees Yearly6,0%100 TL 
Increase of Overseas Letter of Guarantee Commision Yearly4,0%  
Letter for Loan Warranty Each transaction is also priced.    
Increasing the Amount of Letter of Guarantee Commision     
A-) Temporary Letter of Guarantees  0,5%  
B-) Definite Letter of Guarantees  3,0%  
C-) Advance Letter of Guarantees  4,0%  
Overseas Letter of Guarantee Changes/Extention/Canceling Commision 400 TL   
a) Given to the Correspondent Bank Yearly4,0%  
b) Taken from the Correspondent Bank     
ba) Confirmed Yearly3,0%  
bb) Unconfirmed Yearly1,0%  
c) Increase of Stand-by Charge     
ca)Confirmed Yearly3,0%  
cb)Unconfirmed Yearly1,0%  
Referans Letters for the Companies in TRNC to Give Abroad 400 TL   
Referans Letters for the Companies in TRNC to Give Domestic 200 TL   
Financial Analysis Regulatory Charge500 TL    
Scoring250 TL