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Import - Export Transaction
Corparate Banking Export - Import Transaction Fees

You can see corparate banking export - import transaction fees from the table below.

Export Letter of Credit

Type of Products / TransactionsInterest Rate (%)Fixed FeeCommision RatesMin. Commision FeeMax. Commision Fee
Unconfirmed Letters
Notice commision Cash0,40%  
Payment commision Cash0,40%  
Confirmed letters of credit Cash0,40%  
Notice commision Cash0,40%  
Confirmation commision Monthly0,40%  
Term charges commision Monthly0,15%  
Payment commision Cash0,20%  
Documentary review commision100 TLCash   
The change or canceling of letters100 TLCash   
Letters to transfer commision100 TLCash   
Other Export Fees
Cash Against Documents, Against Goods, Cash / Buyer Company pre-financings, swap and the connected treatment service commission  0,20%  
Cash Against Documents, Against Goods,Buying Cash Export Transactions Commisions  0,20%  
For Other Forms of Payment Interbank Transfer of Export Charges  0,20%  
Discounted Export Letters Monthly1,5%  

Import Letter of Credit

Cash Provision Letters 200 TL    
When Seen Payed Letters (Sight-Cash) Yearly4%  
Termed, Acceptance Letter of Credit (up to a year terms) Yearly4%  
Letters Extension Commission Monthly0,50%  
Increase of Amount of the Letter Commision (over increased amount) Yearly4%100 TL  
Change/Cancelling of Letters   100 TL  
Other Import Fees
Cash Against Documents, Against Goods,Cash, Accept Credit Cash Against Documents(without aval transaction) Cash0,3%  
Policy Aval Transactions (abroad) Yearly4,0%  
Expertise Fee cost x 20,5%100 TL1.000 TL
Mortgage Processing Fee 200 TL   
Intelligence Fee  1,0%100 TL300 TL
Mortgage Fee Feke 250 TL   
Pledge Car Removal Fee 50 TL   
Loans Instalment Payment Delay Notification Fee 10 TL