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Cheque Transactions

Private Banking Cheque Transaction Fees

You can find private banking cheque transaction fees at the table below.

Cheque Transactions

Product / Transaction TypeFixed FeeCommissionMin. Commission FeeMax. Commission Fee
a) Cheque Book Fees
10 Cheque, Cheque Book36 TL---
25 Cheque, Cheque Book75 TL- - -
50 Cheque, Cheque Book96 TL---
With Logo Cheque Book (min 50 Cheques)150 TL - - -
Cheque Book Information Fee75 TL ---
Lost Cheque30 TL - - -
b)Blocked Cheque Fees (TL)   
Customer's Own Cheque-%0,215 TL200 TL
Bankers Draft-%0,260 TL200 TL
c) Blocked Cheque Fees (Currency)   
Customer's Own Cheque-0,20%15 USD200 USD
Bankers Draft-0,20%15 USD200 USD
d) Cheque Collection Procedure   
Other Branch Cheque0 TL---
Returned Cheque25 TL---
e) Other Bank's Cheques sent for Collection -%0,516 USD120 USD
f) Western Union Private Transaction Fees (refer to the circular to the original Transaction Fees)   
Changing details of incoming Transfer fee44 TL---
Changing details of outgoing Transfer Fee44 TL - - -
Cancellation of Outgoing Transfer Fee44 TL ---
g) Returned Cheques    
Retuned Cheques of our Bank customers cheques fee30 TL---
Other Domestic Bank returned cheques fee15 TL---
International Banks returned cheques fee£20---
h) Stopping a Cheque (Using our correspondent Bank)£10---
i) Traveller's Cheques   
10 & 20 Cheques (Per Cheque)£2---
50 & 100 Cheques (Per Cheque)£5---
101 Cheques and Above (Per Cheque)£7---
j) Personal and Bank Cheques sent to countries other than Turkey  
0 - £5.000£20---
£5.000 - £25.000£50 - - -
£25.000 above£70---
k) Personal and Bank Cheques sent to Turkey   %0,350 TL / £35 - -
l) Vakıfbank customers paid via the internet15 TL - --