SmartCard Will Give You Back The KuruşArchive


The campaign runs from 28 June to 28 September. For every purchase of 10TL or over made with SmartCard at SmartPOS member markets or supermarkets, SmartCard will give you back the Kuruş!

Example 17,33TL spent on a transaction the 0,33 kuruş will be credited to the account; 125,99TL spent on a transaction 0,99 kuruş will be credited to the account; expenditure under 10TL example 3,87TL is not included in the campaign.

During the campaign SmartDiamond holders can benefit from a total of 200 TL, SmartPlatinum holders from a total of 150TL, SmartGold holders from a total of 100TL and SmartClassic holders from a total of 50TL. SmartNeo holders cannot benefit from the campaign. The campaign is only valid using SmartPOS at member retailers. The kuruş earned will be credited to your card at the beginning of every month. If the transaction is refunded or cancelled then the Kuruş will be reclaimed.

Iktisatbank has the right to change the campaign rules at any time.

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Campaign Start/Finish Date : 24.08.2016 - 25.09.2016

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