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All your “back to school” needs covered with this opportunity from SmartCard.

Use your SmartCard together with SmartPOS for cash purchases between 200 TL and 5.000 TL at all stationers and schools and all your “back to school” expenses can be paid over 3 instalments with no commission or fees.
The campaign runs from 29 August to 25 September and is valid for purchases made in the education sector retailers and schools using SmartPOS.Under the terms of the campaign all cash purchases made at participating retailers between 200TL and 5,000TL can be split into 3 instalments, no commission or fees payable.

To take part in the campaign all our SmartCard Customers need to do is call our Telephone Banking on (0392) 444 4 444 to register. Registrations are taken up to 16:00 each day. Our SmartCard customers who register for the campaign up to this time can take advantage of the campaign from 08:00 the following day, all purchases relating to education between 200TL and 5,000TL will be split into 3 instalments free from commission and charges. For registrations made after 16:00 the instalment option will be applicable 2 working days later.

SmartCard Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Classic can take advantage of the campaign. Cards that are used for business purposes and SmartNeo Cards cannot take advantage of the campaign. Multiple purchases or business purchases are not included in the campaign. To take advantage of the campaign, your SmartCard must not be cancelled, it must be actively used and not be in arrears. If the card is cancelled or not actively used the campaign benefits will be cancelled. SmartCard cannot be held responsible for misinformation given by the retailers in connection to the campaign.
İktisatbank reserves the right to amend the campaign rules.

For full details call our Telephone Banking on (0392) 444 4 444.

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Campaign Start/Finish Date : 29.08.2016 - 25.09.2016

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