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Your Money for Your New Year Needs are Ready at Iktısatbank

Early new year celebrations continues at Iktisatbank.
For all your cash needs, your new year needs loan is at Iktisatbank with %0.90 interest rate and 36 month payment maturity.
Moreover, you can start using your loan now and start paying on March 2016.
No commission, no fees!

If you dont want to delay your needs, Iktisatbank’s New Year Needs Loan is waiting for you.   

You can see the monthly payment plan of new years loan below.
TOTAL6 Month
12 Month
24 Month
36 Month
1,000 TL172 TL89 TL--
10,000 TL1,721 TL891 TL488 TL356
25,000 TL4,305 TL2,228 TL1,221 TL891 TL
60,000 TL10,333 TL5,347 TL2,929 TL2,137 TL

For detailed information and requests, nearest Cyprus Iktisatbank branch and Digital Banking and Payment System is at your service( 444 4 444 ).

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