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My One & Only Mum...

All purchases made for Mother's Day with SmartCard, offer the chance to earn triple points and with 2 instalment purchases the availability to postpone the repayment for 3 months.

The Campaign runs from 28 April until 11 May and is valid for purchases made at SmartCard member retailers.

Within the campaign if the 2 instalment option is selected the repayment will be postponed for 3 months.

The postponement option is available for purchases up to 10,000 TL.

In addition to this all purchases made at SmartCard member retailers will earn you triple points.

SmartPOS member retailers included in the campaign, providing repayment postponement "Jewellers, Shoes, Clothing, and Accessory retailers, Furniture and Soft Furnishings retailers, White Goods and Electrical Appliances retailers, Mobile Telephones and Computer Retailers, Gifts and Souvenir retailers, Cosmetic retailers, Florists, Glasses and Eyewear retailers and similar stores".

Multiple purchases or purchases considered to be for commercial purposes are excluded from the campaign and the advantages will be cancelled where necessary.

SmartCard Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Classic can take advantage of the Mother's Day Campaign.

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Campaign Start/Finish Date : 28.04.2015 - 11.05.2015

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