2017 Internship Program CompletedArchive


The young people who participated in ‘The Future Is Yours With Iktisatbank Internship Program’ completed their internship by taking part in various departments of the bank.

During the summer period, young people received important training in the banking profession as well as important business experience.

The opinions of the young people participating in  'The Future is yours With Iktisatbank Internship Program' organized by Iktisatbank Human Resources Department are as follows;

 İktisatbank Staj Programı 

The 'Internship Program' changed the whole point of view of my career choice. I want to be a member of Iktisatbank family in the upcoming period.
 İktisatbank Staj Programı Ayse Tumbul

I am very happy about joining the program. I've gained a lot of experience. They have made a great contribution to my ideas about the future. They are an excellent team with their working strategies, and happy faces. I would like to thank to all Iktisatbank family.
 İktisatbank Staj Programı 3

Thanks to the 'Internship Program' I got to know the professional business world. With Iktisatbank, we have achieved a real work experience. I want to work in Iktisatbank in the future.
 iktisatbank staj 4  

Me and my friends who have joined this program have had a very important and unique professional experience. Thank you very much everyone.

Published Date : 21.08.2017