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SmartCard Flavor Campaign
Don’t Miss Out The SmartCard’s Flavor Deals At Ercan Airport

Wait for flight time, extension of departure time, delays. These troubles are now enjoyable for SmartCard customers.

Don’t miss out SmartCard’s 25 TL discount while you have delicious hours at Burger City and Rioverde Coffee until your departure time.

Campaign Details;

  • You will be able to take advantage at Burger City or Rioverde Coffee if you spend 3.000 TL in previous month and the amount has to be paid from your SmartCard. This expenditure should not include commercial  spendings.
  • Each customer can benefit from one discount in the same month.
  • Only SmartDiamond, SmartPlatinum and SmartGold holders can benefit from the campaign.
  • Discount amount will be refunded to your card during the extract period.
  • Additional cards can also benefit from the discount as well as main card holders.
  • SmartDiamond holders can benefit from a total of 300 TL, SmartPlatinum holders 200 TL and SmartGold holders 150 TL discount throughout the whole year. The discount can only be used once in the same month if the annual discount amount is not exceeded.
  • İktisatbank reserves the right to change the campaign rules.

For detailed information you can call our telephone banking on +90(392)4444-444.
Campaign Start/Finish Date : 16.08.2018 - 13.12.2018

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