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Setup Your Main Page

Choose Your Login Page

You can decide your main page when you are using Internet Banking.

You can change your main page easly from the Main Page Settings menu under setting menu.
You can change the Internet Banking main page with one of the transactions menu you would like to be your main page.

You can choose your main page as account list, credit card list and asset, or you can choose from last EFT or wire menus to transfer you funds easly.

Also you can change the main page to default from the option of do not use homepage.

Some of the special services Internet Banking offers you:

  • Personal Menu: You can create your personal menu and you do not have to look between the transaction menus.
  • Personalize Your Background: You can change your background with the images we offer you.
  • Quick Search: You can find the menu or transaction you would like to use by typing the name of the transaction to our search engine.
  • Internet Banking Homepage: You can select what you would like to view on your homepage.
  • Information Update: You can update and view your personal information and address information without going to branch.
  • I Have A Question: You can fill up the form at "I Have a Question" page for your questions and suggestions.
  • Sub Menu Bar: You can see time and date information and control how much time is left for your transactions. Update your transaction time from refresh button.
  • Smart Virtual Card: Your online shoppings are much more safer now with smart virtual card.

To discover Internet Banking's fast and non stop services and to experience wide range of transaction set you can login now.

Also all banking transactions are free!