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Professional Staff
Professional Team of Telephone Banking

You can make your banking transactions with our customer representatives via Telephone Banking anywhere you have access to a telephone, without going to a branch and waiting in line.

Our professional customer representatives are waiting for your call at the other end of the line to give a quality service.

We aim to give fast and solution-oriented service to our customers with our constantly renewing professional team for the purpose of customer satisfaction.

By submitting our customers suggestions and complaints to the relevant department we aim to serve our customers faster.

You can call our Telephone Banking on 444 4 444 for all the questions you have about your accounts and our customer representative can answer your questions and solve your problems.

Some of the Special Services Telephone Banking offers;

  • Financial Transaction: With the high technology Telephone Banking has your financial banking transactions are secured.
  • Professional Stuff: Our professional customer representative are at the other end of the line to help you with your requirements.
  • Fast Information Service: Get fast information from our professional customer representatives.
  • Applications: You can get information and apply for our campaigns, products and services even if you are not a customer of the bank.