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Gold Buy & Sell
Enjoy Safe Investment Experience with Value Increase of Gold

İktisatbank always has been making innovations and has always been the bank of first. Now we offer rich golden transactions menu for you.

Using the currency you want you can Buy and Sell Gold. Also you can benefit from such different products like making your Gold Transfer transactions or you can open a Gold Time Deposit Account from Internet Banking, ATM Banking, Telephone Banking 444 4 444 or İktisatbank’s nearest branch.

Why Gold?

The supply of gold is limited as a reserve vehicle, the value is similar to currencies. In time of uncertainty, gold is described as 'Safe Heaven' for markets. Individual savings can be assessed and if you invest partly in gold this could diversify your "investment risk".

When viewed on an annual basis between 2002-2012 the price of gold recorded an increase of 600%. Although in 2013 it last 33% in value, the demand for gold is expected to continue.

About Gold

Throughout history gold has been seen as a sign of wealth and can now be purchased at İktisatbank 4000 years ago it was discovered in Egypt and it is estimated that the world has produced 170 thousand tons.

World renowned investor Warren Buffet says that the amount of gold produced in the world equate to 20 cubic metres.

Investment in gold is an important part of our country's culture, the majority of which is investment in physical gold. With investment in physical gold you have the risk of safe keeping, security, liquidity, low adjustment, as well as certain other risks such as trading margins; none of these risks apply to non-physical gold investment.

The use of gold in the industrial areas is rather limited so it tends to be used as investment, or reserves and jewellery.

On the periodic elementary table gold is displayed as Au its monetary denomination is XAU.

How Can I Invest?

If you wish, you can invest the gold you have bought in a time deposit account. Minimum transaction amount is 1gr and you can open a time deposit gold account with a minimum of 10gr. When buying gold 1XAU= 1GR.

Highly liquid and a valuable investment vehicle awaits you at İktisatbank.