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Precious Metals
Safe Investment with Precious Metal Products

Precious metals are elements rare in nature, economic valued and nonradioactive (except polonium, actinium, radium and proactinium).

Most known precious metals are diamond, gold and silver.Platinum and other platinum group metals (rhodium, palladium,osmium,iridium,ruthenium) are also valuable, but the most traded precious metal is platinum.

Since the early history gold and silver has been used in buying and selling transactions. These precious metals has been trading in physical and non-physical ways.Precious metals are always valuable for international markets.When entering an international monetary crisis,the demand for precious metals increases and the prices of precious metals elevates.

If you want to invest in a different investment products you can invest in precious metals. When investing in precious metals in a demand or time deposit account there is no risk of low adjustment, buying old dated gold and silver and no risk of safe keeping your precious metals. You can invest safely at Iktisatbank.

The Main Factors That Affect the Price of Gold and Silver

  • “Safe Heaven” affect
  • Inflation expectations
  • Geopolitical uncertainties

How Can I Invest in Precious Metals at Iktisatbank?

You can invest your saving at Iktisatbank’s gold account or silver account as gram gold/gram silver.You can open your precious metals account in a similar manner to TL and currency account and whatever the amount you can invest your savings.You can buy or sell your gold and silver as grams to your accounts.

Whether in your branch, using your Internet Banking facility or if you wish from ATM Banking you can buy and sell gold. You can make your silver transaction from branches and Internet Banking. You can transfer between your current precious metal account to your other precious metal current accounts. The price of precious metals is measured in grams and int he same manner as foreign exchange transactions, it is instantly credited to your account.

Precious Metals