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Log-in With Card
Entering the Internet Banking Using Your Card

Even if you do not have registered to our Internet Banking you can enter by using your SmartCard and Smart ATM card enjoy our Internet Banking.

How To Enter With Your Card

To enter the Internet Banking using your card click on the Internet Banking Login Link on the to right hand, on the next screen you simply click on the "With Card" option. On the screen enter your 16 digits card number, your card PIN number and your date of birth and click continue. After this screen information has been verified a 6 digit PIN number will be sent to your registered mobile phone number, enter this PIN and click on continue.

Once you have entered you can go to set up a User Name and create an E-Password so that for future logins you can use this secure option.

The Transactions You Can Make After You Login With Your Card

After Login in with your card, see your card information, pay your credit card, buy and sell foreign exchange, manage your accounts etc. With all of these you can get Internet Banking user name and E-Password from Internet Banking Registry so you can make all of the transactions our Internet Banking offers you.

 For your safety do not divulge your card information to any bank staff. If your mobile phone number is not updated at our system, please go to the nearest IktisatBank Branch and ask the team to help you.