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Protect the things that matter the most to you with our Iktisat Insurance

Since 2005 Iktisat Insurance has been active in the insurance sector of the TRNC, in 2007 Kibris Iktisat Insurance became a leader in the sector and became underwritten by the largest and most well known insurance underwriter Milli Reasürans A.Ş.

For both indiviual and corporate clients Iktisat Insurance provides the best quality and widespread service with a young dynamic and knowledgeable team operating from all 16 Iktisatbank branches you can reach us anywhere on the island.

Products that are available from Iktisat Insurance include:

  •  Comprehensive House Insurance
  •  Fire & Theft Cover
  •  Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance
  •  Third Party Car Insurance

For full details of our insurance products please visit: