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Make the dream of many father's come true, shop for Father's Day with your SmartCard and be one of the lucky SmartCard holders to win a trip with your father to watch the Italian Grand Prix.

The campaign runs from 28th of May to 28th of June 2016 and is valid for all purchases of 100TL or more made with SmartCard each 100TL spent will generate an entry into the prize draw. Plus purchases of 20TL or over made with SmartPoints will generate 3 entries into the prize draw.

The draw will take place in front of the notary public and the lucky SmartCard winners together with their Dad will go to watch the Italian Grand Prix in Italy, all travel and accommodation is included.

To benefit from the campaign the SmartCard must not be cancelled, be actively in use and also there must not be any payment arrears. If the winning ticket belongs to a cancelled SmartCard, one that is not actively in use or one that is in arrears then the winner will not be entitled to claim the prize.

+3 Installements Advantage Continues

You can also benefit from +3 instalments at SmartPOS participating retailers when you choose 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 & 17 instalment payment option. Iktisat Financial Services employees and their relatives cannot benefit from the campaign.  SmartPOS participating retailers include, "Jewellers, Shoes, Clothing and Accessory retailers, Sport Equipment, Music equipment, Electronic Equipment retailers, Furniture and Soft Furnishing retailers, White Goods and Electrical Appliances retailers, Mobile Telephones and Computer Retailers, Gifts and Souvenir retailers, Cosmetic retailers, Florists, Bakeries, Hobby & Games retailers, Travel Agents and Hotels, Pet Shops, Glasses and Eyewear retailers and similar stores".
Multiple purchases or purchases considered to be for commercial purposes are excluded from the campaign and the advantages will be cancelled where necessary.SmartCard Classic, Gold, Platinum and Diamond, can take advantage of these Campaigns. The prize draw will take place on 2nd of July 2016 in front of the Notary Public and will be published on our website the same day.
Iktisatbank reserves the right to change the rules of the campaign.

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Campaign Start/Finish Date : 28.05.2016 - 26.06.2016

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