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Apply For Credit Card and For a Loan

With Telephone Banking your application to our bank's products are as close as a telephone.

You do not have to be a iktisatbank customer to apply or to get information about our products, campaigns and services via Telephone Banking. You will feel the privilage of İktisatbank with the loans special and affordable interest rates, Smart Debit card and SmartCard credit card.

Our customer representatives will get your loan, Smart Debit card or SmartCard credit card application and give information to the nearest branch you would like to work with. The professional customer representative at the branch will call you to inform you about the process of the product you would like to apply for.

Some of the Special Services Telephone Banking offers;

  • Financial Transaction: With the high technology Telephone Banking has your financial banking transactions are secured.
  • Professional Staff: Our professional customer representative are at the other end of the line to help you with your requirements.
  • Fast Information Service: Get fast information from our professional customer representatives.
  • Applications: You can get information and apply for our campaigns, products and services even if you are not a customer of the bank.