Transaction Limits

Transaction Limits
Transaction Limits and Times Of Our Internet Banking

You can find Internet Banking's transaction times and limits at the table below. You can call our Telephone Banking 444 4 444 for increase of the limit.

Kıbrıs Iktisatbank Ltd. has a default limit for Internet Banking. To get information about increasing the limit you can call our Telephone Banking 444 4 444 or you can visit Iktisatbank’s nearest branch.

Our Internet Banking gives 24 hours 7 days uninterrupted service.

                                            TRANSACTION LIMITS

Transaction TypeMax Amount (TL)Start and Finish Time
Fund Transfer Transactions  
Transfer100.00024 hours
Transfer to Name100.00024 hours
Swift100.00024 hours
Abroad EFT100.00009:00-16:00
Domestic EFT100.00008:00-14:30
Credit Card Transactions  
Credit Card Payment-24 Hours
Payment to someone else's credit card100.00024 Hours
Payment to Other Banks Credit Card100.00024 Hours
Foreign Exchange Transactions  
Buy / Sell Foreign Exchange500.00024 Hours
Utility Payments  
Utility Payments100.00024 Hours
Investment Transactions  
Time deposit account transactions-24 Hours
Gold Transactions  
Opening Gold Time Deposit Account-24 Hours
Gold Transactions-24 Hours

* For the same day the transaction limit is 100,000TL.