Improvement Interest Subsidized Loan

Improvement Interest Subsidized Loan
Business Improvement Interest Subsidized Loan

You can choose from warriaty of Flexible Business Loan products suits your financial needs. You can get your financial needs from Kıbrıs Iktisatbank Ltd.

To improve and modernize your business operating at manifacturing industry (including food), energy, marine, information technology service sectors can get their financial needs from Iktisatbank.

This loan will be given to you according to your project. 70% of the project will be credited to you. 6 points of your loan interest will be paid by Northern Cyprus's Ministry of Economy and Energy.

Also you can benefit from our other products we offer for businesses. You can get an overdraft account with advantaged interest rates. From your overdraft account you can give regular payments for your cheque, water, electricity, telephone invoices.

For more information you can visit Kıbrıs Iktisatbank Ltd.'s nearest branch and our professional customer representative will help you or you can call our Telephone Banking 444 4 444.