Business Insurance

Commercial Insurance

We are insurancing your business and the commodity, fixtures, machinary, safe and cash register in your business.

  • Fire,Lightning, Explosion
  • Built-in Water
  • Smoke
  • Storm
  • Landslide
  • Collision of Motor Vehicles
  • Aircraft Collision
  • Watercraft Collision

    You can provide full protection for your business by additional collateral depending upon the requirements.

  • Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption
  • Strike,Lockout, Troubles,Popular Movement,Malicious act, Terrorism
  • Flood
  • Snow Weight
  • Financial Liability neighborhood
  • Tenant Financial Liability
  • Theft Insurance
  • Safe Theft Insurance
  • Glass Breakage Insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Moved Money Insurance
  • Security Abuse Insurance
  • Employer's Liability Insurance
  • Third Party Liability Insurance
  • Elevator Liability Insurance
  • Electronic Equipment Insurance
  • Machinery Breakdown Insurance